LOCKERS FOR ANY NEED - Choose your material


Phenolic locker installation

The new standard for corrosion resistance and beauty. Phenolic is an extremely durable material that is available in any laminate color, pattern or finish.


Metal Lockers

The most widely used material for lockers. We offer the widest array of configurations, sizes, and features to fit every need and budget. Many available on quick ship.

Wire Mesh

Wire Mesh Storage Locker

The most economical choice for securing large areas or bulky items of any size. We offer a variety of mesh and lock options.

Wood & Plastic Laminate

Custom wood lockers by AMP

For true luxury. Unlimited choice of  sizes, materials and features. Our lockers are made to resist the frustration of the losing team.

Solid Plastic

Plastic Lockers by Lenox

The old standard for corrosion resistance. We can provide these if you really want. But Phenolic lockers are a better choice.. 

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Locker by AMP

Often used in cleanroom gowning areas. These lockers have limited options for size, configuration and features.


Gym Lockers

Every locker in your District

We can provide every locker you need on or off campus. Whether you just want a bare bones basic locker or something custom to meet the specific needs of your school or department.

ADA compliance

Are 5% of your locker openings fully ADA compliant?

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Easy Purchasing Contracts

Our complete line of lockers (as well as much of our shelving and cabinets) is available for purchase through a national purchasing contract. This allows Districts to meet their competitive bid requirements without the hassle and expense of going out to bid.

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ADA Compliance


ADA lockers

5% of locker openings need to comply with current ADAA regulations.

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ADA bench

Any changing area requires an ADAA compliant seating area.

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Compliant lockers and benches must be located within certain reach ranges and must have specific clear space in front and/or side.

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