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Phenolic locker installation

The new standard for corrosion resistance and beauty. Phenolic is an extremely durable material that is available in any laminate color, pattern or finish.



The most widely used material for lockers. We offer the widest array of configurations, sizes, and features to fit every need and budget. Many available on quick ship.

Wire Mesh

Wire Mesh Storage Locker

The most economical choice for securing large areas or bulky items of any size. We offer a variety of mesh and lock options.

Wood & Plastic Laminate

Custom wood lockers by AMP

For true luxury. Unlimited choice of  sizes, materials and features. Our lockers are made to resist the frustration of the losing team.

Solid Plastic

Plastic Lockers by Lenox

The old standard for corrosion resistance. We can provide these if you really want. But Phenolic lockers are a better choice.

Benches, Locks & Accessories


For a complete and finished locker room, add closed bases, sloping tops, fillers, end panel, locks and benches.


Although usually made in standard sizes, these lockers can be built to nearly any size with almost any accessories. Our lockers are built with tongue and groove joints for maximum durability. Quick ship color chart is provided below. However, phenolic lockers can be made in any color or pattern from most laminate manufacturers.


From standard to custom lockers. We offer the widest selection for most any application. Largest selection of quick ship lockers and the ability to customize the sizes, ventilation, handle, latching mechanism, construction, finish, and thickness of materials.


Usually much larger than your typical lockers. These units can be made with a variety of mesh material from expanded metal to the more typical 10-gauge wire. Usually provided with a basic padlock hasp for locking, some of our units can receive built-in key locks and lever locksets.


Available in any species, with any cut and finish, our wood lockers are sure to look great in any environment. Built to WIC standards, and using plywood substrate instead of particle board, our lockers are built to withstand even the harshest environments (like football locker rooms).


We do sell (some) plastic lockers, but in most situations, either metal or phenolic lockers are a better choice.


We offer a complete line of accessories for your lockers. The trim, filler, top and end panels are usually provided by the locker manufacturer. Most locks can be provided on your locker door, but the type of door material and latching system will determine the specific lock you need. Most types of bench pedestals can be used to support the bench top, but the top material will determine the spacing of the supports. 

Locker Room Benches

Some basic tops and pedestals.



Gym Lockers

Every locker in your District

We can provide every locker you need on or off campus. Whether you just want a bare bones basic locker or something custom to meet the specific needs of your school or department.

ADA compliance

Are 5% of your locker openings fully ADA compliant?

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Easy Purchasing Contracts

Our complete line of lockers (as well as much of our shelving and cabinets) is available for purchase through a national purchasing contract. This allows Districts to meet their competitive bid requirements without the hassle and expense of going out to bid.

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ADA Compliance


ADA lockers

5% of locker openings need to comply with current ADAA regulations.

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ADA bench

Any changing area requires an ADAA compliant seating area.

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Compliant lockers and benches must be located within certain reach ranges and must have specific clear space in front and/or side.

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