High Density Filing Systems

Mobile Aisle System by Aurora Storage Systems


Eliminate wasted aisle space with a mobile aisle system. Simply turn the handle (or press a button) to open the aisle needed. Its that simple.

Double the number of shelving units or cabinets

Whether you get new file storage units or re-use your existing units. Our mobile aisle system provides a platform for anything you want to store.

Free up space for something else

Our job is to save you space. What you do with it is up to you. More desk space, foosball table, concert venue . . . ?

TOP tab or END tab

Whether you use the classic top tab files are the modern end tab version, we support them both. We can even help convert your existing top tabs to the high density end tab folders to allow you to efficiently store files higher which increases your storage capacity.

Custom files and folders

If your folders aren't doing what you want, we can design the perfect folders to organize your files like never before.